to see

in Merida

Mérida's impressive monumental ensemble has been declared a World Heritage site. Formerly called Augusta Emeritus was founded in the year 25 BC by the Emperor Octavio Augusto and important archaeological remains of the time are conserved like aqueducts, Mauseolos, bridges, Circus, Amphitheater...

With the entrance to the monumental ensamble you will be able to visit magnificent buildings such as the theatre, amphitheatre, circus, archaeological site of Mulberry, the House of Mitreo, Alcazaba, and the crypt of the Basilica of Santa Eulalia.

what to see

  • - Theatre and Amphitheater
  • - Temple of Diana
  • - Alcazaba
  • - House of the Mitreo and Columbas
  • - Crypt of the Basilica of Sta. Eulalia
  • - Moreia Archaeological Area
  • - Roman Circus